"Leadership in Open Education Resources" a course for Taibah University Faculty Members

National Center for e-Learning in cooperation with Taibah University held on 20-21 March 2019, the second level course of Unlimited Knowledge License "RABEH" under the title: "Leadership in Open Education Resources" for university faculty members within the plan of employment of OER in 2019 which targets faculty members in universities, training institutions and teachers. The course aims to enrich trainees with the scientific knowledge, advanced practical skills in open educational resources and the advanced use of the "SHMS". The course focuses on seven key themes as skills and: Managing OER Systems, OER Assessment, modules of creating units and lessons, merging and editing OER, learning management Systems, a guide to use OER and using and improving “SHMS”. By the end of the course, trainees are able to: Organize OER in “SHMS”, create interest groups, determine the assessment criteria for OERs adopted by “SHMS” and evaluate an open educational resource according to “SHMS” standards. In addition to, creating units and lessons, using “SHMS” through learning management systems, enumerate the most important stimulus programs to use “SHMS” and looking at the most important developing points that interest the user.