Board of Directors Holds Its First Meeting Tomorrow

The Board of Directors of the National Center for e-Learning holds its first meeting headed by His Excellency the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Board Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh Monday, January 21, 2019. The Board will discuss the financial and administrative regulations, the organizational structure and the draft budget approval, In addition to appointing a Director General for the Center. The meeting will begin by an opening speech by His Excellency the Minister of Education and the chairman of the board. The National Center for e-Learning enjoys legal financial and administrative independence. It is organizationally linked to the Minister of Education. It aims to controlling the quality of e-learning. It has the authority to set regulations and quality standards of e-learning, granting licenses for companies and governmental entities of e-learning programs to provide accredited certificates and qualifying the licenses granted to the companies providing e-learning programs. It also aims to conduct research and studies in the field of e-learning along with providing consultancy services in e-Learning. Besides the supervision of the Open Educational Resources program OER and organizing conferences, meetings and workshops. Moreover, representing Saudi Arabia in the field of e-Learning locally and internationally. The Board of Directors is responsible for supervising and managing NCEL through setting general policies and work plan to achieve its objectives and to approve the Center's plans, programs and quality standards in e-learning. The meeting comes after the Council of Ministers decided last month to form the Board of Directors of the National Center for e-Learning by appointing members from the Saudi universities, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Hamed (Rector of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University), Dr. Abdullah bin Mofarh Al-Ruqi (Rector of Tabuk University), Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Ohali (Rector of King Faisal University). Also, two experienced specialists e-learning, Dr. Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mahia and Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Bahdel. In addition to a member from the private sector Mr. Khalid bin Sulaiman Al-Mohaisin. Membership of HE Dr. Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al-Assami, representing the Ministry of Education, Tamadr Bent Yousif Al-Ramah, representing the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Eng. Ali bin Nasser Al-Assiri, representing the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. And Dr. Abdullah bin Saad Al-Medaimig representing the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. Dr. Jarallah bin Saleh al-Ghamdi, representing the Education & Training Evaluation Commission. Mr. Abdullah bin AbdulRahman Al-Dakhil representing The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, and the Director of NCEL a member and a Secretary-General.