The National Center honors 100 employees participated in organizing the Third Conference


   The National Center for e-learning and distance learning have honored a number of its staff who took part in organizing the events of the Third International Conference of e-learning and distance learning "From practice To performance"  , organized by the National  Centre, during the period from the 4th  to the 7th  of February in Riyadh.

     During the ceremony,  The director of the National Center for e-learning and distance learning expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the efforts made ​​by all the teams, which have had a significant role in the success of the conference, stressing that this success is not surprising from what have been shown of competence and ability during the past events organized by all teams.

    And the Executive Director of the Conference, Dr. Abdul Latif Owain prizes the team's dedication to the tasks entrusted to them until they were able to provide those honorable and outstanding performance, wishing the honorees more success.