Director of NCeL Digital Production participated at the first day of Information Technology

Deanship of Information Technology and distance education, Salman bin Abdulaziz University, organized the first day of Information Technology event under the sponsorship of the university rector, Dr. Abdurrahman bin Mohammed Alaasimi, on Monday, 12/23/1434 AH at university campus, AlSaih, Building 6.

The event included 12 speakers whom presented worksheets divided into four sessions. The first session was entitled "accelerating educational innovation through the Internet of Things", the second: "Digital universities: preparing students for the new millennium challenges", the third: "Establishing computer infrastructure in modern universities" while the fourth session was specified for strategic partners of the university. Mr. Mohammed Alshewaier, director of NCeL digital production department presented a paper entitled "the role of faculty staff in developing digital content" .

In his speech, the dean of information technology and distance education, expressed thanks to HE the Rector of the university for honoring the event and to the Vice-Rector for his good care, he also thanked speakers, participants, supporters and attendance. "We are currently living an era where  technology boom is the most prominent feature, so it's coupled with creativity and excellence" said the dean of information technology . "We here about smart university campuses. Our university is looking forward  to occupy high ranks of quality and perfection, and has allocated a lot of efforts and resources for this end  as well as developing plans with the generous support of our government to apply the strategic plan of the University that have been adopted, so that we can keep up with technological advances and master and make maximum use of its applications saving time and efforts; as well as enhancing the  administrative quality of the university and strengthen the integrative link among various university departments, deanships and centers .